Day 132 of 365 – Lavender Waterfalls

Today I’d love to highlight something that you don’t see every day.  I was showing properties in North Dufferin Country today and after the last showing I thought, hmmmmm.  It’s an awesome day for a walk in the woods but then I thought wait a minute I’m about 5 minutes away from the Lavender Water Falls that is down in the valley of the Noisy River.  So I thought I would visit my friend that lives there.

Considered one of Dufferin County’s best-kept secrets, Lavender Falls are tucked away.  Now I’m going to keep the location a secret because I think it’s located on private property.  I didn’t see any no trespassing signs but didn’t see any welcome to Lavendar Falls either. I found the trail very steep and very wet and slippery. Not only are there huge cliffs, great paths but there is lots of water in the soil (water travels though the underground rivers in the limestone) and then there is the waterfalls plunging 100 + feet down.

Once I got down where the water and rocks meet, I could feel the rush as the river flows over the escarpment’s edge…Pure amazement!
The upper cliff of the towering escarpment feature overhangs the lower cliff to suggest a pulpit. This Escarpment outcrop rises 100 meters above the Noisy River Valley.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! Have you been to the “secret” falls 10 mins outside of Orangeville (in Mono). I was actually there many years ago, it was back then “Private Property” too with a not so nice man who owned part of that land. These falls are quite neat too as you can also go in behind them as well. Not as high up as yours is though….here is a picture I managed to find on google (not much written about the place though)

    Here is the link:

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