Day 118 of 365 – Jenala Farm’s

I figure by now I’ve recovered from the holiday weekend, had enough of the rain and cold mornings and I’m ready to get out and get some local produce. This time of year they have the best sweet corn and I LOVE corn on the cob!

Jenala Farms only sells what they grow go their own farm — I have to say they have the freshest, best tasting produce you’ll find. In the spring you’ll find Asparagus, Strawberries in June and Raspberries in Late august.  In September and October you’ll find the Potatoes and Sweet Corn!

They have a  great location because everyone coming into and out of Shelburne has to pass the market just like Besley’s but Jenala is closer to Orangeville.   I loved going because I know how hard farmers work to grow the food we eat and it tastes much better because it local and not 5000 miles away!  This is not the first time I’ve said that…LOL

They are open every day and even at night because it works on a different type of market.  It’s called the honour system pick your produce and put you money in the box…It’s very simple…:)

475080 County Rd. 11,
Shelburne, ON L0N 1S5

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  1. I want to leave my story about Jenala Farms here, BEWARE: My family and I were looking for raspberries to pick and my husband said we should try Jenala Farms so we drove up there today, and seeing no signs about it being open or closed, or anything, we turned around in the driveway and started to leave when we saw the Farmer, Ken. As soon as I opened the window to talk, he started treating us like criminals and saying we were trespassing, and when I apologized immediately (and a few times) that wasn’t good enough for him. I have never been so embarrassed as he went on and on at us. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to risk that kind of rudeness again. I am very disappointed too since the first time I went it was great and his wife was very nice. So warning to all: Don’t EVER go to Jenala Farms when berries are not in season, Ken will really ruin your day!

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