Day 114 of 365 – Flaunt Salon

If you’ve ever struggled to find a great place to get your haircut then have I got the place for you. Right here on Broadway is Flaunt Salon and it’s designed for everyone! They have designed the entire interior with style in mind from the Olde brick wall to the huge mirrors in the hope that you would  relaxed and have the most fun getting the dreaded haircut.  I went to Flaunt Salon today for the first time and I thought, wow  what a cozy lofty style hair salon in historic downtown Orangeville.

They really seem to get it.

At Flaunt you will find a salon that not only uses top quality products but has top quality customer service.Our goal is to make every customer feel and look like they deserve “perfect”. With a chic city appeal but a down to earth atmosphere you will feel at home at Flaunt.

With a fresh haircut from Shawna Fol at Flaunt Salon (She has such a eye for style and she gives amazing customer service….thanks Shawna…..your the best!) and needing to fire up my iPad for a few minutes before heading to my next appointment I seek out a FREE Wi-Fi hotspot.  Starbuck’s of course here I come.

They are located at
72 Broadway

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