Day 113 of 365 – Fendley Park

In light of all the news surrounding the proposal for a park redesign and addition of a kids splash pad over the last year I thought it was about time I went to see the park :).  I had a few minutes before my appointment at Starbucks so I stopped into Fendley Park.  I wanted to blog on something simple, something that reminds us of what this town is all about and all the little things that it has to offer. . . Outdoor activities are big in Orangeville.

Fendley Park is 6.5 acres and was built in 2002 to serve the west end of town. It is located at Montgomery Boulevard and Fendley Road. The park derived its name from former Orangeville Mayor Douglas Fendley.

It’s  surrounded by Montgomery Village/Settlers Creek neighbourhood so you will find everyone from soccer teams playing in the fields to families/kids playing on the playground. It is one of the places where all different faces of Orangeville come together to enjoy the great outdoors.

You can find yourself doing anything from having a picnic, playing soccer , enjoying the playground or hanging out with friends

Montgomery Blvd and Fendley
Orangeville ON

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