Day 112 of 365 – Skaters Pro-Shop

Well it’s that time of year again when you have to dust off the old skates, sharpen the blades and get skating.  Dusting is the easy part but sharpening is art form and some might even say it has a lot to do with science and how the hockey player performs or the average person skates.  With that in mind I had some time between appointments and found myself at Skaters Pro Shop at 308 Broadway in Orangeville.

Jeff Wilson is not only the owner of Skaters Pro Shop but he is also a dedicated Member of MAXIMUM EDGE certification program.  Jeff was telling me about how Maximum Edge has over 90 Member locations ( He is the ONLY one in the Dufferin County and Caledon area that has the training and the know how to be a certified MAXIMUM EDGE Provider) and offer a superior standard in skate blade maintenance with patented tools. 7 Step Finish process and profiling system. This provides “skater control” – puts the skater in control of their skates not the skates in control of the skater.  MAXIMUM EDGE training is also recognized by hundreds of industry professionals from leagues such as the OHL, AHL and NHL.

So not only is Skaters Pro Shop a skate repair & sharpening shop that offers the best in customer service, provide the Official Skate Maintenance for the Orangeville Flyers.  They are the BEST place to have your skates sharpened that fit your profile.  I’m not a hockey player or a big skater but when pro’s like Dale Hawerchuk say it’s the best “To Skaters Pro Shop #1 !!”  I’m going to have to agree 🙂

You will also find paintball accessories in the store and they have some great items that will get you started or keep you playing 🙂

Some equipment to begin with are the Marker, Hopper, Tank, Mask, Barrel Safety Device and basic tool kit and lots of paint-balls.  They have a deal on right now where you can buy 500 balls, 20oz CO2 Refill for only $20.00.

They also sell hockey sticks, Jerseys, premium skate insoles, off ice stick handling puck, Bio Steel Sports Drink.  Just remember they sell things that your not going to find in your average store.  Why?…Jeff’s not your average guy!

Jeff also mentioned that he sells the Bio Steel Sports Drink that Promote recovery between periods of intense exercise, providing faster recovery between shifts/plays/sets/workouts , it reduces muscle damage and decreases muscle soreness after intense exercise and enhance energy while decreasing muscular and mental fatigue, without the use of harmful stimulants.  I might even get some of that becasue being a Realtor I need to recovery quickly between appoinmtnes…LOL

308 Broadway, Orangeville
ON, L9W 1L3


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