Day 110 of 365 – Tractor Convoy to Stop the Mega Quarry

Well if you like tractors to large scale farm machinery and saddled horses in the  normal mega-quarry style protest.  There will be a huge  parade on the highways and byways of Dufferin Today – and will be led by McMaster University professor John Varty, who’s driving a tractor from Charlottetown, PEI, to the Pacific to raise awareness of farming issues in Canada..

I would guess he is not popular on the roads –driving a tractor that does a maximum of 25 kilometres per hour while hauling a “man cave”( is not something you see every often).  The little house is made of materials from his family’s 150-year-old farm.

My understand is that John Varty is doing a cross-country tour this year for the Farmers.  He is a professor who taught agriculture and environmental history courses through Yale and now teaches at McMaster, John is taking a year off for a project that aims to chronicle how and why agriculture production has changed in Canada as farmers work to meet the demands of growing populations.

The news release quotes John Varty, a professor of agriculture, as saying that “only three per cent of Canadians farm, but 100 per cent of Canadians eat. That’s why it’s a really important story.” And Ravenna Nuaimy-Barker, Director of Sustain Ontario, the Alliance for Healthy Food and Farming, as saying “the proposed quarry is a short-term initiative that will destroy the fabric of the community and impact food access in Ontario for centuries if not forever. No more farming, no more community, no more food.”

John is hoping the documentary he is making will spark a long overdue, serious discussion on food production in Canada and encourage “city people” to look at what they’re willing to give up for safe food and fair payment for the farmers who produce that food.


The convoy will leave Primrose at Hwy 10 & 89, (just look for the large gathering of people), Ontario at 12:00 today August 28 2011, proceeding north on Highway 124 (that is a right turn at the Esso Gas station) and arriving at Wallace’s Farm, #625007 County Road 15 west of Hwy 124, on the precipice of the proposed quarry site.

There will be live music featuring performer Tom Barlow and a free farmer’s potluck dinner at approximately 5:00 pm to celebrate. All are invited, and asked to bring tractors of all ages and sizes; horses and ponies.

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