Day 109 of 365 – Jelly’s Craft Bakery

I had a meeting today about a big event called Foodstock this morning that I’m helping organize.  So my friend and I decided that Jelly’s Craft Bakery would be a great place to sit down and discuses the coming months.  Oh, and the other reason is that Jelly’s has the best coffee in town – fair trade, organic beans made into a delectable espresso, latté, caffé or just a simple cup of Joe.  I had the Latte 🙂
The thing about Jelly’s is that once you walk in the door your sense of smell is bombarded with the most fabulous aroma… The smell of fresh baked goodies welcomes you in… Ahhh, this is Jelly’s Bakery.  For the last 10 years Jelly’s has been serving up some amazing healthy food in Shelburne.

Jelly’s sandwiches are made on freshly baked bread. You have lots to choose from white, whole wheat, multi grain or rye. They also offer roast beef, European ham and cheese, smoked turkey breast, egg salad and tuna or salmon and lots of soups as well.

Hot bread fresh from the oven, it gets me every time ..LOL… their soups with farm-fresh vegetables and a hearty homemade taste… crisp salads… is what Jelly Craft Bakery is all about. If you are coming for the breads, you might want to stay for lunch.  It’s one of the few places in Shelburne that you can come and sit read a book, have coffee with friends and family or have a business meeting.  I’ve come here with clients all the time and each one says…WOW, that’s a great place and the food is amazing!

Their racks are lined with some of the most amazing looking breads, rolls and pastries. and then there are the cookies, croissants, squares, raspberry scones, and more. I decided to have the sticky bun (it was calling my name) and this thing was incredible. Everything is made with actual butter instead of shortenings and substitutes. They do the best they can to prepare everything as organic as possible.

Now if you can’t stay, take home a lasagna, perogies, cabbage rolls, tortière, Shepherd’s Pie, soups and more fresh-frozen entrées from their freezer is an other option.

Now what puts the “Craft” in Jelly Craft? You just just have to look to the west wall for racks of handmade treasures, from lovingly knitted blankets, dolls and shawls, to pottery, stained glass, candles, knicks and knacks of all descriptions. Shelves filled with gourmet pantry stuffers and kitchen accessories, take-home bags of our coffee blends, and teas with all the trappings. Scan the walls for local art and photography creations. Take some time to browse and take home some treasures.

120 Main Street East
Shelburne, ON
L0N 1S3
Phone – Local: (519) 925-1824‎
Phone – Toll Free: 1 888 94J-ELLY

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