Day 106 of 365 – Blighty’s Tuck Store

English candies and chocolate… Is there anything that goes together better in the world than that? I’m not so sure…  Which is why I had the a English chocolate bar called Double Decker at Blighty’s Tuck Store. It was amazing! The English chocolate I think is the best around and the Rock Candy brings back memories of when I was a kid.

I sat and visited with the owner John and he is such a great guy!   Like all the smaller local business owners he has a real passion for what he does. he loves seeing peoples faces light up when they come into his very English shop.  He’s been here in Orangeville for the last 6 years and every year more people stop in and say “this is the day I wanted to check out your store”. The pricing for all the awesome gifts and chocolate is quite reasonable in my opinion. In addition to his Chocolate and Candies He has some amazing meat pies.  He also has Mushy Peas but your going to has to ask him all about that…LOL The decorations and design are very creative and extremely well executed. Stop in and look at all the samples around the shop and also at his online store.

John also tells me that his store is among the best stores in Canada’s Greater Toronto area for imported Great British groceries, candies, British style fresh-baked pies, frozen British style meats, DVDs, Celtic jewellery, Coronation Street fan merchandise, darts, gifts.

He also has online customers in every Canadian province, Northwest Territories, Yukon, USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand.   So, send in your custom order and let John do the hard work for you 🙂

Location: 88 First Street, Orangeville
Phone number: 519-942-2300

You can also check out their website or connect with them on their facebook page

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