Day 104 of 365 – The Dufferin County Forest Main Tract

Another bucket list item I had was the The Dufferin County Forest.  This area is  2,596 acre divided into twelve tracts located throughout the County. The Forest is owned and managed by the County of Dufferin. The largest single area is the Main Tract 1,501 acres located in Mulmur Township north of the hamlet of Mansfield. A map of the tracts can be found here. Each of the County Forest tracts has its own special features. Of particular note are:

The main track is the largest of the County Forest tracts and has extensive systems of recreational trails which are in the process of being marked and mapped.   There are a large variety of tree species, including red pine, white pine, white spruce, sugar maple, white ash, beech, red oak, ironwood, butternut, and many others.  The track is the habitat for many different animals including white-tailed deer, ruffed grouse, wild turkeys, porcupine, and a variety of songbirds.  The area is also provincially recognized Area of Natural and Scientific Interest, the Oak Ridges South Slope Forest.

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