Day 99 of 365 – Riverside Coffee House

Wednesdays can be one of the hardest days for me to blog. It’s definitely the day that I struggle the most that’s for sure. It must be the towns day of rest, because every week it’s a pretty quiet day for Orangeville standards.

But today while I was out viewing homes on today’s Agent Open House Tour, I stopped in at  Riverside Coffee House.  This coffee house is very different than any place I have seen.  They serve Coffee, Tea, Muffins, Ice Tea, Water and Honey.  It’s located only minutes away from Orangeville on Hockley Road (3kms) and is next to the river!  This great coffee house has been a around only for 2 years but the Farmhouse Pottery has been here from 25 plus years.

It’s now one of my favorite places to get a coffee while in the country. Love Muffins? Bold medium coffee? Eat outside next to the river? If these are a few of your favorite things I’d suggest you head over to Riveside Coffee House and enjoy a coffee outside or inside if you prefer.  They also have an awesome slection of pottery to choose from their gallery.

They are open Wednesday to Sunday, 10am-5pm, end of may through September.  Then it’s recommned that you call ahead before you come.

Riverside Coffee House (At Farmhouse Pottery)
307114 Hockley Road
Orangeville, Ontario

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