Day 98 of 365 – Euphoria Cafe And Smoothies

Today on my way to my office I was craving a smoothie. I thought, why not swing by Euphoria Cafe & Smoothies and grab one. This place is definitely a new favorite for my family!

I love what I do for a living,  helping people is such a awesome feeling. Getting out and exploring and discovering new places here in Orangeville (AND surrounding areas). Today I had the fortune to meet with Kim the owner of Euphoria on Broadway in Orangeville’s downtown. Euphoria Cafe & Smoothies opened about three years ago and is off to a very good start!

The atmosphere is very warm, inviting and comfortable. You’ll find small tables for close, intimate meetings. You’ll find larger tables to gather groups of friends together to share fun times and good food and drinks. You’ll also find a few friendly faces and a great community board to find out about some things going on around town.  So come on in and  sip your coffee or tea, smoothie or have some lunch with some friends.

In addition to great real locally sourced fruit smoothies they have a great selection of food for vegans and vegetarians. They have salads, sandwiches, wraps and more. If you haven’t stopped in I’d recommend you do it.

If your overwhelmed with the amount of smoothies to chooses from you can tell them what you like and they will make it….That’s what I did today and WOW…Ryan thanks so much for a great blend!

154 Broadway
Orangeville ON

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