Day 92 of 365 – Dave’s Butcher Shop

Today I found myself between appointments and decided that It was about time I found a butcher who will cut my steak the way I want it!  Looking for something that the typical grocery store doesn’t carry? Want a local butcher who’s been serving Orangeville for the last 5 years?

If that’s your type of thing, you should check out Dave’s Butcher Shop. Whether you’re looking for fryers, grillers, ribs, steaks, pork, beef, chicken, Seafood, filets, sausages, beef, jerky, ground, chuck, deli, family packs, burgers Cheese or just about anything else you can imagine this is the place. They will also prep and process your party if you ask Dave very nicely…LOL.  Plus, they make some of the best…..well you get my drift :).  Come in and say hi to Dave.

Dave’s Butcher Shop is located at 75 Alder Street, Orangeville, ON and can be reached at 519-415-MEAT (6328)

Here are a couple photos from inside this place…

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