Day 62 of 365 – Back Roads And The Second Part Of The Kilgorie Side Trail

Today I’d like to highlight something that I drive past a few times a month. My main office is located in Orangeville but I find myself showing lots of homes in the country during the summer months.   Along my drive I found myself driving on a no winter access road…It’s part of the Bruce Trail and it’s only used for people that have summer homes up here!  Walking, biking, running a normal thing to do on the road…not driving a car, LOL.

But at the end of my adventure is River road that will take us to the net leg of the journey.  The second half of the Kilgorie trail starts here, just west of Centre road on River road.  There is a bridge that the Pine river flows under, you can park off to the side and then take the 3.2km hike!  On your way you will found the abandoned Mill that once provided power to Shelburne and Hornings Mills during the late 1890’s.   The paths are well marked but bring your bug spray your going to need it.

The area is the occasional home to ducks, birds, rabbits, foxes, dragonfly’s and all sorts of other random wildlife.   The river is awesome and the rappids are fantastic. These are little “trickling” waterfalls. They provide a very soothing sound. It’s a great place to take a little break. I love to grab my iPhone 4 or Canon and shoot some photos. I’m not the only one, I regularly see photographers along this trail making photos.

Here is some history about the area:
In 1830 Lewis Horning, a successful settler from the Hamilton area, located inthis vicinity with his family.  He cleared 80 acres of land and built a sawmill, grist-mill and frame house, but later returned to Hamilton.  With the opening of a government road through the district in 1848, the few families who had settled near Horning were joined by others and a post office was opened in 1851. The locality’s excellent waterpower attracted industry and by the closing decades of the century the village boasted six or seven mills, various tradesmen and shopkeepers, a public school, three churches and approximately 350 inhabitants.  Horning’s Mills was an important pioneer settlement in this region of Ontario.

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