Day 55 of 365 – Upper Grand Trailway

Today I was showing a client some nice homes in Grand Valley and I thought it was about time I profiled the Upper Grand Trailway, I love this trail and I how beautiful it is.  You can do all sorts of wonderful things on the trail like riding your bike, horseback riding, hiking, running, skiing and snowmobiling.  The trail starts on the east side of Grand Valley in Waldemar and makes it’s was west to the south of grand Valley then north to the Luther Marsh.

This trail is the Upper Grand Trailway. It is a 10.5 mile gravel trail that is beautiful. Whether you want to walk, run or bike you’ll thoroughly enjoy this.

You can also join their facebook page to stay up to date.

Here is a bit about the Trailway as shown on their website…

The Upper Grand Trailway is a 4 season nature trail that is 10.5 km in length. The old abandoned CPR line has been lovingly resurfaced to provide hikers, cyclists, cross country skiers and horseback riders access to the wonders of the countryside. It also accommodates snowmobilers with a valid permit in the winter season, but motorized vehicles are otherwise forbidden.

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