Day 51 of 365 – Urban de’kore

Update Feb 2014.  They are no longer in business

Did you know we have an awesome custom furniture and interior decor store on broadway?  Urban de’kore is the place.

Urban de’kore has been a locally owned and operated business for a number of years now. They have a awesome selection of  home furnishings and accessories to fit any budget.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for on the floor they’ll order it for you out of one of their catalogs. They have a custom furniture department that does a beautiful job with whatever you like.  It’s made the way your want it and the designers will help you with the process.

They also have a great kids section in the back full of unique toys and accessories.  Plus a gallery wall  that will have different artwork on the walls will be coming soon to complete the store :).

Stop in and wander the store. See what they have to offer. Visit and get some great ideas.

Urban De’Kore is located at 127 Broadway, Orangeville, ON  and can be reached at (519) 827-2096.

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