Day 42 of 365 – Philadelphia Kitchen

Would you believe me if I told you there is a place in Orangeville, ON that is re-creating the Philadelphia experience!!   They bring you an authentic Philly Cheesesteak? Well I’m here to tell youit’s true!

Tucked away next to Enterprise car rental on Broadway you’ll find an amazing authentic Philly restaurant .  It’s known as Philadelphia Kitchen and you need to check them out.   This is a one of a kind for Orangeville!   A fan of 365 things to do in Orangeville saw me yesterday filming T-Zone and told me about this great place.  I had driven by lots of time and thought….I really should check them out!  So I DID!

For my first time I had to get the traditional cheesesteak (mushroom) and it was awesome. Tons of super flavorful thinly sliced steak, onions and melted white  cheese served on Amoroso Bread. This 8″ sandwich rocked.  They don’t just serve cheesesteaks, they have a assortment of other options and even a veggie sandwich and hot dogs.   Joe will be adding many other selections over the coming months so that his customers will have a wide range to choose from :).  You can also eat-in or call and place your order as they will deliver their amazing food right to your door.  Thanks Joe!

All of their food is home made folks!

Philadelphia Kitchen was founded by Joe Lattari and his wife Michelle in Feb of this year (2011).   One of the many reasons was that he was tired of having so so experiences when eating Philly Cheesesteakes in other Ontario restaurants.  You see,  Joe’s from Philadelphia, and since he had grown up on Philly Cheesesteakes who better to open up a restaurant dedicated to the food Joe loves!

Philidephia Kitchen is located at 281 Broadway, Orangeville, ON, and can be reached at 519 938 8970.

They’re open
Mon – Wed: 11:00 am -7:00 pm
Thurs – Friday: 11:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sat: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm & Sun from 12-5pm
You can find them on Facebook as well. Be their FAN! You will in real life too! :)

Check them out on the TV show called You Gotta Eat Here 🙂 (The show was filmed Nov 27 2011 and Aired Feb 24 2012)

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13 replies

  1. I’m definitely going to check this place out. Thanks Dave!

  2. I’ve eatin there many times now and the food is always fresh and the taste is amazing, can’t wait to see what your going to bring out next…Cheers to the success of PK.

  3. Great eats guys! my husband and I have been to South Philly visiting friends before and we cannot leave without getting a Philly Cheese Steak. We stumbled upon this restaurant while driving and have returned numerous times since. The food is excellent!!!


  4. Phliadelphia Kitchen is a must, if you are hungry and you need to eat something which is fresh, good and not expensive, Philadelphia Kitchen is the place to be. Joe is a fine italian cook and his wife Michelle is his right hand person. Good Luck, I’ve tasted the philly cheese steak, now it’s your turn. Philip Schembri

  5. My husband drove out 50 minutes to try Philadelphia Kitchen after we saw it on tv & for our love of philly cheesesteak sandwiches. I gotta say we were very disappointed in the taste & portion size of the sandwich. It was dry and tasteless. They ran out of fries and veal Friday night. We had a much better philly cheesesteak sandwich in Howell, Michigan!
    We will NEVER eat here again!!!

    • This past Tuesday, my husband, daughter & I visited your “restaurant” after watching the show “You gotta eat here”. The food was terrible. The french fries must have been fried in cold oil because they were cold and greasy. The meatball & Phily sandwiches were tasteless and luke warm. The Ceasar salad consisted of romain lettuce and dressing. $35 and I couldn’t eat it.

  6. I have to disagree. I thought the cheesesteak was OK at best and this place is over-hyped. Now I have to be honest and say this was my first ever cheesesteak so I have no benchmark but I hope the real deal has more flavour. I assumed the lack of flavour was because I had the veggie option but everyone else in my group had meat options and they were as disappointed. Would not recommend cheesesteak based on the ones in this place.

  7. I have returned many times to Philidephia Kitchen. It has always been fresh and delicious! The best Phili Steak I have ever eaten and worth the drive.

  8. I wanted to try this place as soon as I saw it on You Gotta Eat Here. I finally drove an hour out of my way to get to the place a couple weeks ago and I’m kicking myself for not going sooner. This place is amazing!!! My wife, daughter and I each had a different sandwich and they were all incredible. We’re now planning our return trip, even though it’s over an hour’s drive. It’s really true – You Gotta Eat Here.


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