Day 39 of 365 – 3rd Annual Showcase of Stars

Showcase of Stars is the year end performance of  the students of Turn It Out Dance Studio (which I’m one of them :))   Today June 17 starting at 1:00pm and running until 5:00pm is the Showcase of Stars Dance Recital!

There a a few tickets still available and can be bought at the door of only $13.00 (that a deal in my books 🙂 The performance is located at ODSS (Orangeville District Secondary School located at 22 Faulkner Street, Orangeville, ON L9W 2G6.  There’s also lots of parking.

Today June 17 starting at 1:00pm and running until 5:00pm is the Showcase of Stars Dance Recital!  There a a few tickets still available and can be bought at the door of only $13.00 (that a deal in my books 🙂 

All the dancers are excited to show off what they have learned over the course of the year and I’m no different!  So come out and enjoy the amazing show!

YES, This is me all dressed up for the finale in my long haired wig and the all important TUTU…LOL (Now you have to come and see the show) What other Dad would do this for his daughter!)  oh, by the way I have 2 other Tap Dances that I’m doing 😉

Turn it Out was started by  Serena Bryan her studio is located in the town of Shelburne at 209 Main Street East, at the back of RE/MAX Building. They offer classes in jazz, tap, ballet, acrobatics, lyrical, hip hop, musical theatre, modern and aerobics.  Classes are available for all ages 2 1/2 yrs and up, and YES even adults (that’s ME)!  Classes range from beginner to advanced and we also offer an exciting competitive program.  She even offers dance class for parents and children with disabilities.  For more information please contact us at or at 519-216-5256.

Her goal at Turn It Out, is to provide the highest level of instruction and care to ALL of our dancers.  She views children as our most precious asset and feel honoured to be entrusted with their artistic training. She inspires every child in different ways since each one learns and grows at their own pace

The styles of Dance:

Jazz –  A blend of many forms of dance to create many different styles.

Ballet – A classical dance form characterized by grace and precision of movement and by elaborate formal gestures, steps and poses.

Lyrical – Expressing deep personal emotion or observations. 

Musical Theatre – Combination of dance steps with acting and lip syncing.

Acrobatics – Combination of dance with acrobatic movement that requires strength and agility.

Modern –  Form of contemporary theatrical and concert dance employing a special technique for developing the use of the entire body in movements expressive of abstract ideas.

Tap – A dance in which the rhythm is sounded out by clicking taps on the heels and toes of a dancer’s shoes.

Hip Hop – A dance form performed to hip hop music, that uses small isolated body part movements that are repetitive and loose and that display attitude.

Serena Bryan, Owner & Choreographer

Serena Bryan is the proud owner and choreographer for Turn It Out!  She has trained in ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, acro, musical theatre, hip hop and modern for over 21yrs.  She has completed many different jazz, tap and acro exams through C.D.T.A and also numerous R.A.D. ballet exams.  Serena has also had the pleasure of competing in many dance competitions in the GTA and the U.S.A winning countless overalls as well as scholarships.  Serena was offered the opportunity of a lifetime in 2004 to be part of the Canadian Showdance Team as well as Canadian Tap Team.  Where she competed in Germany for worlds, bringing back a gold and was recognized as one of the top 20 dancers for her solo performance among hundreds across the world.  Some of Serena’s performances include; Papichulo Entertainment, Breakfast Television, AT&T Christmas Showcase, Channel 6 News and more.  Serena has been using her talent and passion for kids for the last 5yrs, teaching a variety of disciplines of dance to all ages.  She has also entered her students into dance competitions where they have won a number of overalls.  Serena continues to train and take workshop classes to ensure only the best for her dancers.

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