Day 36 of 365 – Credit Valley Explorer Train Tours

On my travels today I stopped into the Credit Valley Explorer.  There are 3 different 3 hour tours you can go on, 1 – Twilight Dinner 2 – Scenic Tour and 3 – Snow Train.  These tours are the most popular train tours in the area. This 3 hour wilderness excursion will transport you south to Brampton, Ontario, over towering trestles, alongside pristine rivers and through the limestone  rock formations and vast mixed forests of the Hills of Headwaters.

Looking out the  large windows of their newly refurbished coaches the beauty of the region will unfold and you will experience the same rugged landscapes that inspired many different artists.

Though well maintained, this is a wilderness park setting and we recommend seasonal recreational clothing and footwear getting on and off the train. There is also plenty to photograph during your excursion so be sure to pack your camera.  The train will also stop in Inglewood…so get out and stretch the legs and checkout the general store!

Fall Colour Season
The Headwaters Reagion is ablaze with colour during autumn and for years the  Tour has been a favourite way for fall ‘leaf peepers’ to experience some of the most spectacular fall colour in the area. Though peak colour varies each season, typically the last two weeks of September and the first week of October can offer the best colour and should be considered when planning your excursion. Please note that due to popularity, the Railway recommends making your ‘fall colour’ booking early.

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