Day 33 of 365 – Bruce Trail (Boyne Valley Provincial Park)

Looking for a awesome trail just north of Orangeville? If so, you need to check out the the Primrose section that follows the Bruce Trail. This trail is absolutely gorgeous. The trail meanders north or hwy 89 just east of hwy 10.

The Dufferin Hi-land section is situated at the mid point of the Bruce Trail.  Extending from the village of Mono Centre in the south to the hamlet of Lavender at its northern extremity (52 Km in total), it traverses a scenic area as remarkable for its diversity as for its natural beauty.

Starting at the Highway 89 entrance  into the Boyne Valley Provincial Park, the Trail crosses the Boyne River over the newly constructed bridge and enters a beautiful area of deep shady valleys, streams and wooded slopes.  This section is flat and slopes up as you get


further in to the trail.  Some areas in the valley are wet/muddy but for the most part it’s dry as can be 🙂   This section of the Bruce has a few side trails that loop back to the main trail but once you reach Murphy s Pinical you can loop back though the the back of the trail (10 minutes)…In total from start to finish you can complete the few kms trek in about 1 hr and 15 minutes.

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