Day 11 of 365 – BOOKLORE

I woke up thinking that what an amazing day it would be to read a book outside on the porch since the temp was 20c….. Then that got me into thinking about a book  I would like to order called the Happiness Project.  I saw it in the window of a great store next to my office called Booklore and it’s Orangeville’s  only independent bookstore…so welcome to day 11

I am making today’s activity something new to do on a Saturday of a long weekend! Stop by BOOKLORE. They have everything a book lover would want in a small independent bookstore that you can imagine. You can find anything from pictures, books, personal service, special orders, fine children’s books a varied selection NAXOS CDs, unique greeting cards, the works… It’s a great stop because it is right across from Orangeville Mall and Coffee House is right next door.
BOOKLORE is truly a Mecca for readers whatever their interests – the latest in Canlit, a HUGE selection for children, enthralling “whodunits” and fine cooking and gardening books (tis the season).

Booklore Website
Hours: Monday to Wednesday … 9am-6pm
Thursday and Friday … 9am-9pm
Saturday … 9am-6pm
Sunday … 12noon-5pm

Telephone: 519-942-3830

Find them at 121 First Street, Credit Creek Village, across from the mall

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2 replies

  1. Great book Dave! Let me know what you think when you finish it.

  2. I love booklore. I am glad to see they endure in an Amazon dominated world.

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