Day 5 of 365 Days – Starbucks

Starbucks has an unusually human approach to business.  Really it’s true…well that would be my experience any way.  I always find Starbucks a great place to sit down and enjoy a drink with friends, family or clients.  Having access to FREE WIFI works really well and I have found myself time to time sending emails or browsing the web while in this great west end coffee house.  Oh, and don’t for get to try some of the baked goods….the cupcakes are awesome 🙂

One thing I found with Starbucks is that they seem to always be putting people before products which in my option makes good common sense. If you treat your customers well they will be a loyal customer.

They also seem to have great relationships with farmers and that yields the highest quality coffees. The connections they make in communities always create a loyal following.  Just go to any store and you will see it time and time again.

Their ability to accomplish their goals is based primarily on the people they hire – (They call each other “partners.”) and they are always focused on their staff to ensure that quality is first and foremost.

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  1. BOOOOOOO. Say no to Starbucks and YES to a Canadian or independant coffee shop. Second Cup or Tim Hortons please.

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